Established in 2004, Fortune International Technology is a globally recognized colorant, additive and process equipment distributor and sourcing agent for the plastic, coatings, dispersion and adhesive industry. We’ve developed key supply relationships with the largest, ISO certified Chinese suppliers of organic pigments, inorganic pigments, pearlescent pigments, additives and TiO2.


Our mission is to bring cost effective, raw material choice and process solutions for your customers’ most demanding formulations. Your company will markedly reduce formulation cost while improving productivity and profitability.

Consider us to source your most difficult to find raw materials or select us as an alternate lower cost solution provider. We travel to China to establish and maintain reliable and efficient supply relationships and we search internationally for the newest technologies to share with our customers.

Key Products

•     Organic Pigment

•     Pearlescent Pigment

•     Inorganic Pigment

•     Titanium Dioxide

•     Solvent Dyes

•     Anti-Oxidants- Additives

•     Process Equipment


We maintain three public warehouses to meet needs all across the United States. We commit to keeping two months of inventory for buying customers; so you have product when you need it.